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California AG Rob Bonta gets involved in Spanos family dispute over Chargers

The ownership dispute within the Los Angeles Chargers is now seeing involvement from the California Attorney General. According to Daniel Popper of TheAthletic.com, California AG Rob Bonta filed court papers

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Blocking a protein in liver cells protects against insulin resistance, fatty liver disease

A new multi-institution study led by a team of researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine demonstrated that blocking a protein called ABCB10 in liver cells protects against high

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U.S. consumers expect near-term inflation bump, medium-term outlook steady

U.S. consumers expect housing prices and other costs to rise in the near term as the economy recovers from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but they don’t expect

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Newly disclosed Xbox Easter egg has remained hidden for nearly 20 years

Microsoft’s first home game console, the Xbox, launched way back in November of 2001. More than 24 million units were sold worldwide before Microsoft officially discontinued the system in 2006

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Woman’s extreme ear phobia causes her to vomit while getting her hair cut

A woman has spoke out about her extreme ear phobia which has even caused her to throw up while getting her hair cut. Teacher Holly Hardy-Johnson has Aftiphobia, defined as

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