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Yobs turned a vigil for a tragic teenager into a riot that left people cowering in their homes and one young boy terrified for his life.

The vigil was being held for Ethan Powell, who collapsed and died on Tuesday evening aged just 19.

After a balloon release on Thursday, thugs ran amok torching cars and throwing bricks through windows.

Ethan’s cousin Tegan Davies said the first part of the vigil was “brilliant”.

But she said of the violence that erupted in the Mayhill area of Swansea: “This has gone way out of hand!

“I know Ethan loved an argument with the police but this has gone next level, kids and people living by are absolutely petrified.

“The videos I’ve been sent are disgusting, I know Ethan would never have taken it this far.

“Bikes and balloons we said, not a f***ing riot!”

One mum who asked not to be named said the “terrifying” riot had left her children deeply scared.

“It was terrifying,” she said.

“My six-year-old boy asked me if we were all going to die. My 10-year-old daughter says she never wants to spend another night here.”

A brick was thrown through her window and a car was torched outside her home.

One video of the mayhem shows yobs sending a car freewheeling down a road.

Other rioters set cars on fire.

Ethan collapsed hours after watching Swansea City’s playoff game against Barnsley on television with his grandad.

His cause of death has yet to be confirmed. Local Sylvie Bennett said: “I am shocked at the disrespect shown to Ethan Powell.

“He wouldn’t want this and neither do his family want this. So know that Swansea is not proud of you as you are all a disgrace.

“You have not done him proud you have dishonoured him. You’re the scum of the earth.”

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford condemned the “completely unacceptable” scenes that would “not be tolerated anywhere in Wales”.

He thanked South Wales Police “for bringing the situation under control and continuing to monitor”. Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan said the force would “stop at nothing” to find the offenders.

He added in a tweet: “Saddened and furious at events in Swansea last night.

“So many families will have been tormented by those responsible, rest assured we… will work hard with others to help and support local residents, who deserve better than this.”

Local Welsh Parliament member Tom Giffard called the scenes “disturbing”.

Welsh Secretary Simon Hart said: “A tough night for the police dealing with such reckless behaviour. No excuses, police right to robustly respond.”