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Brandon Graham on Ryan Kerrigan: Can’t have too many pass rushers

Defensive end Brandon Graham saw the Eagles make a lot of changes this offseason, but he signed on to extend his run with the team despite the team entering a

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Deep learning enables dual screening for cancer and cardiovascular disease

Heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in the United States, and it’s increasingly understood that they share common risk factors, including tobacco use, diet, blood pressure,

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Regulators review derivatives margin rules after Archegos meltdown

The meltdown at Archegos Capital Management that triggered big losses at several banks highlighted the need to review rules on posting margin or cash against derivatives trades, the head of

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Hello Games surprises No Man’s Sky players with a Mass Effect crossover

The second season of No Man’s Sky Expeditions is underway, and players have been juggling between running the latest mission and putting in time on the Mass Effect remake, which

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Terrified boy asks ‘are we going to die mummy?’ as yobs set cars on fire in riot

Yobs turned a vigil for a tragic teenager into a riot that left people cowering in their homes and one young boy terrified for his life. The vigil was being

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