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A Hall of Fame quarterback who had a memorable second act with the Broncos doesn’t want to see another Hall of Fame quarterback to do the same.

Peyton Manning told TMZ.com that he hopes the Packers and Aaron Rodgers can resolve their differences.

“When I think of Aaron, I think of him as a Green Bay Packer,” Manning said. “Hopefully they can get it worked out.”

Many people, a decade ago, would have said the same thing about Manning and the Colts. In Manning’s case, however, it was the team that pulled the plug, based both on concerns about a serious neck problem and the fact that the 2011 season had gone so poorly without Peyton that the Colts earned the right to draft Andrew Luck.

Manning isn’t the first all-time great who changed teams to root for another all-time great to not change teams. Last year, Joe Montana, who left the 49ers for the Chiefs, publicly advised Tom Brady to stay put with the Patriots.

Manning didn’t go quite that far with Rodgers, who has been linked most prominently with the Broncos.

“Aaron doesn’t need advice from me,” Manning said. “He’ll make a good decision. . . . . I think every player, their goal is to stay in one team the entire time if they can. Obviously, Tom made a move.”

And so did Peyton. And so did Montana. From the moment the Packers traded up to select quarterback Jordan Love 13 months ago, it seemed inevitable that, eventually, so will Rodgers.